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Children’s Center of Weston

Directors and Site Coordinators

We have core values that we admire and have developed at The Children’s Center of Weston. We believe these core values are central to our program and allow the children to develop socially and emotionally in a positive, happy and nurturing setting.

Beth Perry - Director  

Debbie Morris - Assistant Director & K-1 Site Coordinator

Dale Hoffmann - 2nd-3rd Site Coordinator

Dan Signore - 4th-5th Site Coordinator


K-1st Grade Teachers 

Debbie Morris

Melissa Roberts

Kaitlin Spicer
Judy Henderson

2nd + 3rd Grade Teachers 

Dale Hoffmann

Robert Meffert

Andrea Manning

Christopher Cremens

4th + 5th Grade Teachers 

Dan Signore

Roofus Hoffmann

Beth Perry

Hours and Logistics

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